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Home Extensions

Its easier than you think. Our architects will draw up plans to suit your idea and budget. You will be given honest indication what will happen and when.

Loft Conversions

We will visit your home to discuss your style and home conversion options; extra room, home office, play area, bathroom etc. and we will also provide you advice and loft fire safety.

Basements Renovation

In just few weeks our skilled team can complete the job and transform your wasted basement space into personal gym, office, home entertainment room, spare bathroom/kitchen etc.


Add elegance to your home with glass, wood framed, aluminium design to meet your most desired style. Each project is personally taylored to give you exeptional result.

Bathroom Fitting

Our offer includes 10% Off the bathroom fitting and 12 Month bathroom installation guarantee. Proven methods and experience have allowed us to create a process that is saving our customers time and money. All projects are planned by our partner, TGN Architects, a member of Royal Institute of British Architects.

House Refurbishment

Get individually tailored plan to suit your dreamed home style project. Call us Today on 02037743297, 07861222961, 07976745007 to arrange a visit and get a free, no obligation quote.

Easy Way To Designing Your Interior & Exterior

When design plans are completed with functional, innovative design solutions, all materials are gathered; We then schedule your home refurbishment at a time that is most convenient for you.

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Interior & Exterior Expertise

We are partners with London Bathroom Architects and TGN Architects. We have been delivering professional interior and exterior home services for 12 years. Our talented, passionate and experienced specialists will assist you in all aspects of your home renovation project. So you can be sure that you receive your desired output on your scheduled time.


Project Concept

We always give a personal attention to the needs of individual customers. It is our aim to ensure that clients remain fully satisfied with the service. we will find the unique solution and suggest you the most suitable design possibilities.


Reasonable Price

You will get most reasonable price according to your planned investments.


Free Consultation / References

All our consultations are free of charge, simply give us a call 02037743297 or email info@feelmoreathome.co.uk and we will visit you to discuss your ideas at your best conveniece. We would be also happy to provide you with our jobs references, and show you examples of our quality work.


Work Guarantee

Our Offer includes 12 Month guarantee


All Week Support

Our respond time to any enquiry, one day, 7 days a week.

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